A is for Alone

Don’t worry it’s not a sad post. It’s not the philosophical ‘Alone’ I want to rant about, instead what I wanted to talk about is something that I have been doing (on again off again) for the past 6 years, and that is ‘Living Alone’. After all this time, of people asking me; Why do you live alone? How do you live alone? Where do you live alone? I am finally coming out in the open with this one. It’s not as bad as it sounds, and once I had a taste for it in college, I just couldn’t stop coming back to it. So here is the low-down on sharing your apartment with yourself.

Alone, where?

Living Alone-1
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Always pick a place which has all the basic amenities available nearby. You don’t want to be walking/driving too far from you bachelor pad everyday to buy milk and eggs. Remember you are going to be living alone, and everything that you need, you would have to buy/bring it yourself. So pick a place, where all things that you deem important are a stone’s throw from your hub. A cost-effective eatery, a general-store, a saloon and a medical store are some of my favorite picks, but you can always stay near a blood bank (if you are a vampire), or a disco (if you are that other kind of vampire).
Finally, find a place that you like, no use staying alone in a place which is reeking and creaking at the edges. Remember you won’t have roomies to make the experience bearable, so make sure the place is just the way you like it, or damn near close to it.

Alone, how?

Money Issues while Living Alone
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This is the easy part, and the most fun. You can live just the way you like it. You want to live like a slob, with pizza boxes and your underwear in tight embrace, you can do it. You want to live like a modern-day minimalist with everything organized, neat and shiny, go ahead. You may even want to live like a doper with a constant fog of marijuana in your room, you know what you can do that too. The truth is when you choose ‘Alone’ as your life style choice, you choose your own lifestyle. Gamer, writer, porn addict, hard rock fanatic everything goes.
Remember alone, in theory costs double of what it would cost you when you are sharing a room, the truth is it costs you just a little more than that. So if you are the stringy, money-saving kind, ‘Alone’ is not your style. Money solves a lot of problems, and it is your best friend, when no one else is around. So live a little, and spend a bit. One advise I can give is, it might look expensive today, but you are living the dream at a much cheaper cost than most of your friends will when they move in into a place of their own.

Alone, why?

Living alone does not mean living lonely
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The most important of all the questions. When I tell people; I live alone, they look back at me in shock and awe, and invariably ask me WHY? Is it because I am socially repellent? Is it because I have disgusting habits? Do I have too much money to throw around? Or I have a secret that is so secret, that it has to be kept a secret? The truth is far more boring and simple; I like it. I like coming back to my room, and finding it just like I had left it. I like bringing my friends over to my room, and not worried about whether I would be imposing on my room-mate. I like doing stupid things and making stupid mistakes, with no one around to laugh and sneer at me.
I have seen people who bitch and crib about their room-mates every chance they get, and I say to myself, why be so bitter? I have no qualms with sharing my space with people I know and trust (I have done it before and I would do it again when I get the chance), but finding a stranger to share your habits with, just because 90% of the bachelors are doing the same is just insane.

Look at it as a challenge, try it some time. See how you like it. After all variety is the spice of life, and you would never know how ‘Alone’ tastes until you try it for yourself.


31 thoughts on “A is for Alone

    • I am…I was so tired of people feeling sorry for me, that I just had to write this post. How long were you “Alone”


    • Yes the bills can be a pain sometimes, and those credit cards…don’t get me started on those….but what doesn’t make you richer…makes you stronger…


    • I am glad you did… as I said its not for everyone.
      Looking forward to having you for the rest of the month too..


  1. Hey Ayush,

    I’ve almost always lived alone. I think I lived alone when I was a kid, too! You know, it’s not really weird in the States, but when I lived abroad, it was REALLY weird and NOT normal. I got all the weird questions you’re referring to, especially about being bored (no) or being scared (since I’m female and also no).

    Glad you’re an *only* too. Can you also eat out by yourself (nothing extravagant) without having a panic attack? I used to eat at a kabob place alone once in a while and people thought that was weird! I became friends with the Afghan owner and we had loud, political debates across the little restaurant. Funny! It’s good to do things alone…

    Looking forward to A-Z,


    • oh I spoil myself good Alisa…I eat out, watch movies that others wont, and even go to plays and theater. I have varying tastes, and so it helps me when I don’t have to drag some poor soul into it.


  2. Nice post. It’s taken my friends nearly 8 years (and having a few kids so that they can only dream of alone time) for them to understand why I actually love living aloneโ€”most days. As a writer, I’m not sure I could function without the space and silence to think and create!
    Good luck with the rest of the challenge!


    • I know Lauren, having your own space and lone time is all the more important today when we are forced by the world to be connected all the time.


  3. Although I consider myself to be an independent woman, I have never lived alone. I lived in a house with 10 siblings and didn’t move out until the day I married. I have four kids and one grandchild so there is always lots going on in my house. I do love alone time tho’ and love nothing better than to escape to my room with my laptop and books for a few hours. The thoughts of living alone scares me. I think I’m too old for it now. My mother who is 87 lives alone after raising 11 children in a 3 bedroomed house that was always overflowing. I feel so sad when I leave her and watch her waving from the front door each time I leave. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


    • I have the opposite fear Trish, I feel I could get so used to living alone, that I might not be able to settle down, if and when I do decide to share it with someone.
      Even in our parent’s case, we are on the opposite ends. My parents are surrounded by lots of relatives and acquaintances, while I scarcely know anyone in the city.


    • It does seem daunting, but its just like going to school for the first time, you need to go before you can decide if you like it or not.


  4. I am very much enjoying your A to Z posts. They are inspiring me to write differently today. Thank you. Though I don’t live alone, I resonate deeply with this. I very much enjoy my alone time, my own company, and having things the way that I want them. I look forward to reading more.


    • I am glad we are doing the inspiring for a change…Keep coming back Morgan, we will love to have you even when this challenge is over…


  5. The only time I lived alone was my final year of college. I loved it, but I thought that living alone was an indication of not being loved. I looked forward to getting married and living with my spouse.
    Fifteen years later, I look back on those few months alone with wistfulness.


    • That’s how a lot of people look at it, “That you are not being loved”, but its far from it. I actually get more love, cause I live alone (“Poor baby, you live alone, come here you.”)
      I look forward to getting married too but I am in no hurry, in the next 6 years or so.. ๐Ÿ˜›


  6. I enjoy being married, but I enjoyed being single just as much. I like living alone, having my space. My husband is the type of person who always has to be busy working on a project, or just working, so I still have plenty of alone time now that I’m married. It’s not quite the same as living alone, as you point out in your post, but it’s comfortable for me.


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