Moonlight, Raindrops and a Kiss

Chris let the cool wind blow through his hair. He stepped onto the roof of his hostel and let himself be drenched in the moonlight. It was a full moon, but there were clouds around, it was gonna rain tonight. He was on phone with Selina. He had been courting her for a while now and she, ever so slowly was succumbing to his nascent boyish charm.

It was business as usual. She was in her room, in the city, he was in his hostel almost 8 km away, and both of them were burning the midnight oil TALKING. It was the usual banter of what’s going on and what’s right and what’s not.

Chris was flirting with her occasionally and she was responding well to it. Selina was in a good mood, and every compliment was met with a invitation for another.

It was 10:30 in the night then, when Chris said to her, “You know Selina, I flirt a lot with you, and I know I am not really good at it. Why not for a change you try your magic on me. Maybe I can get some pointers from you.”. She chuckled and Chris fully expected her to refuse politely.

“Okay, I will try.”, she said, and a comet burst somewhere in Chris’s heart.

“You know Chris. You pamper me so much. You walk with me, on empty streets. You take me shopping, you calm me down when I have a fight with my parents. You talk sense when I don’t think straight, and crazy when I am bored. You tell me stories, you teach me subjects. You do so much, and you do it so well. But….”, she trailed off.

“Buuuutt, but what?”, Chris almost splatted out the words. This was going so well, where did the but come in.

“But you are not here right now. I miss you so much. It’s such a beautiful night, and the two of us are alone, away from each other, just talking. When you could have been here, with me. We could have talked, held hands, looked into the stars, we could have done anything.”, she replied, with a sultriness in her voice, that only girls can have.

“Anything….”, Chris said, with permitted naughtiness.

“Anything.”, she answered, naughtily.”Why aren’t you here, Chris?”, she continued.

“I…I…”, Chris stammered.

“Why can’t you come here Chris. I want to see you right now. I want to touch you right now. I want to kiss you right now.”

“Selina I need to do something. I will call you back in a few minutes.”, and the line went dead.

–Half An Hour Later–

The phone rang, while Selina was pacing up and down in her room fuming. She picked it up, answered and went off all in one go, “Chris… I am never, and I mean never talking to you again.”, she almost spat into the phone. All that fervor a minutes ago, was all bile now.

“Selina listen to me.”

“No you listen to me. You stupid, idiot…”

“Selina, I am coming to the city.”

“I don’t care what you are doing….What…you are coming to the city…why?”, all that bile replaced with surprise. Selina was travelling the spectrum of emotions tonight. “Why….oh no no no no….No way….Chris…no way…”, she almost shouted Chris’s ear off.

“Selina, I am coming to see you. Because you wanted to. I jumped over my hostel’s wall, stole my warden’s bike keys, okay Aman stole them for me. But I was the mastermind behind it. And all of it was because you wanted to.”, Chris spoke in his defense, quickly but emphasizing on You Wanted To.

Selina went mute for a moment during which Chris repeatedly spoke Hello (boys don’t really know a moment when it happens).”No Chris, go back. Go back right now. Even if you come now. I won’t meet you. It’s too late.”, Selina spoke this time with a mix of anger and nervousness.

“Selina, you wanted me to come and here I am. I would call you again, when I am outside your house, if you still don’t want to meet me. I will go back.”, Chris replied calmly, and for the second time in the day disconnected the phone.

–11:30 P.M.–

Chris was outside her house. He was on her street to be true, he had never seen her house, had just escorted her to her lane, and then turned back from there, he was playing it slow, you see, but not today. The clouds played a bit the with moon, and there were some raindrops around, but still enough light to see clearly.



“I am here.”



“HMMMPPHHH…come into the lane, white building, 2 floors, has a black channel next to its front door.”

“On it…White white white…there…no that’s just 1 floor…Blue green, Purple, who paints there house purple….Yeah here…Selina…there is no one here.”

“Stupid…That’s not the one.You are standing across the road..I can see you.”

Chris turned 180 degrees and there she was. He walked across slowly. She was in her night dress, white satin if he had to guess, she had a black shawl to save her from the cold, her hair seemed to be tied behind her, but a few strands still played across her face. She tried to make an angry face, but the facade was not working.

“Chris.”, they were right in front of each other now. Just the black channel between them.


“Put the phone down.”, he realized he hadn’t, and did so immediately. He ruffled his own hair, and grinned, the way most boys think very charming but looks stupid instead. God she looked beautiful in the moonlight.

“So here I am, just like you wanted Chris.”

“No. Just like you wanted.”

“I want a lot of things.”, Selina spoke in a stern voice. Chris’s shoulder dropped, he hadn’t come all this way to be chided.

“I am sorry. I didn’t want to create a….”, he was stopped midway by Selina’s finger on his lips.

“I did like it though.”, she spoke softly, putting her hands on his. Chris lit up like a star on Christmas evening.

“You did”

“Yes I did.”, this time she smiled too.

“So you are gonna give me what I came for?”, he asked, gaining in confidence.

“And what’s that?”

“Oh I think you know.”

“Come closer, will you.”

“What..? What did you say? I can’t hear you…”, Chris spoke worried he missed something important and brought his ears closer to the channel.

“Not your ears stupid…your lips..arrgghh forget it.”, she sounded irritated and why not.

“Sorry, Sorry.”, he grabbed her from behind and pushed her towards himself. Their lips were inches apart now,” Scold me later.”, Chris trailed off.

And that’s when they kissed, with a channel between them, at 11:45 in the night, in freezing cold, with the raindrops plat-erring over them, and the moonlight shining down. There is something about first kisses isn’t it.


22 thoughts on “Moonlight, Raindrops and a Kiss

    • I try, I actually have to hold myself back…so I can keep the story short enough…but I absolutely adore the compliment…


    • And I went ‘awwww’ when I read this….
      Thanks Bhavya…. I am glad girls like a boy’s attempt at romance…


    • Don’t worry Precarious….I keep a tab on your blog…will do even after the challenge…no need to drop the link… 🙂
      And thanks…I am glad you liked it…I am still learning how to make them short like you and Akhil…


    • I know right…I learned it by experience…its funny…even after you learn from your mistakes…you still keep making new ones…
      I am glad you liked it Shilpa…I hope I make you keep coming back…


    • Ohh you know…Erich Seagel “Love Story”, ask a M&B to beat that….
      Thanks CheerfulTornado….keep it cheery…I love having you here…


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