Of You And Me

You and me are worlds apart,
So different I don’t want to start.

But here we are you and me, on either side of a page,
I write you read, and life becomes a stage.

We make up stories we make up plays,
to smile and dream together we find new ways.

You the pretty princess, me the charming prince,
Other times, an angry kid, who I need to convince.

The stage is full of people, places and days,
All of these are between us, in their own selfish ways.

The story of you and me is still not done,
And when its all said and read, we would have won.

Behind all your walls, and over all my fears,
We will be together, you just wait my dear.


37 thoughts on “Of You And Me

    • I have thought and thought and thought….and had no idea how to come up with a good response to this comment……a writer/poet loves it when someone quotes his/her lines…albeit in a comment…In return I went and read through your blog…which I loved loads…


  1. I’m so glad you guys are doing even poetry! How cool is that. Keep up the spice, and you’ll keep getting more and more people to come to your awesome blog.
    Loved this.


    • Thanks Bhavya, I don’t know about new ones…But I do hope that you keep coming back…How about another article this Sunday, a poem maybe?


    • May I say Thank you…and add that I absolutely love your name….Pinksocks…now thats what we had been missing here….so awesome of you to drop by…


    • I know right…some people think Akhil did this (see above)….hmmmph….Thanks precarious…(1 day…I will find out your real name)…till then I would stay lazy and complain of Akhil stealing my limelight…..


      • What would you do finding my real name?? Oh maybe you might get to curse a right person when I post something stupid.. :p

        Well the Ayush – Akhil things are too confusing.. Either you are the product of MPD or two identities confused about identities.. Lol.. Sorry for the impending fun.

        Do show some love and visit my blog too.. šŸ˜‰


      • Its actually very simple….we are 2 very different guys..(Read the About Ayush and About Akhil, its about time someone read that)….in this challenge…we alternate….on days and alphabets…(he got all the cool ones like R and T, I am left with Q)..if a guy had MPD with our personalities…he would be pulling his hair out…You can check out who wrote what…by checking out the categories…(ayush and akhil)…


      • None taken…I am just worried…that a ‘single’ eligible girl would fall for Akhil, because of my poems….would create a problem for both of us…
        My apologies..if I sounded angry…I am not…I actually find it mildly amusing correcting people…
        and that LIKE on the ‘About Ayush’ page…I saw that…Wink Wink… šŸ™‚


      • Hahaha.. So now the signature is included too.. :p
        And that ‘like’ was to calm your nerves and to tell you that ‘Yes I know that you and Akhil are two individual human beings ‘. šŸ˜€


      • Okay…thats it…you are now officially my most fav commenter…until Saurav Ganguly…decides to comment on my blog…


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