Quick add Me..

Hey, we met on the last college fest, you looked like a cool dude, add me on FB would you? Yeah we work in the same office, and were in training together, add me to your circle. I am that girl you saw across the street, follow me on twitter. Share this 500 long blabbering about a boy in Africa, and he is gonna get a Mercedes. RT my tweet, and make the politicians quake in their feet. Like my photos, +1 my post, favorite my tweets. And why haven’t you shared my Instagram pic  of a burger in Sepia, don’t you love the mayo just flowing over the patty? Sounds familiar? I thought so.

What happened to the internet. It was a cold and dark place, where people with cool (fake) names who knew the difference between a router and modem used to converge wearing dark and long hoods, to discuss things like Superman’s death, and Age of Empires cheat codes. When did it become so shiny and glossy, that your eyes bleed just by looking at it. For almost all its life internet has kept a low profile, and suddenly its the one thing everyone is talking about, or should I say, talking on.

I don’t have anything against social media, I really don’t. In fact, I am one of the founding members of Gmail, Skype, and Facebook (I was in their closed betas, when they worked on invites). But its suffering from the same problems, because of which people opted for virtual socializing in the first place.

Back in the days, when I created my profile. I named it ‘Punkeshwar’ or ‘Kabel’ or ‘Scoobydooo’ or ‘Satan’s second son’, because I thought it was bloody cool. This profile was something behind which I can hide and let my alter ego take over. On the internet I was this super-cool spike haired dude, who spoke in C++, and was a ‘REAL BATMAN FAN’. Now it’s all pictures of you, and your dog, and your house, and your shoes; it’s you all over again, with your jobs, and movies. It’s just plain boring.

On the internet I could rant about my boss, I could bad-mouth my best friend, I could even lament on my parents (never did this though), and they would be none the wiser. You see those confession pages, which are so popular these days, that’s how the whole internet was, before Justin Timberlake advised that skinny guy to drop the ‘THE’. Internet was a place where insults flew freely, and you had to be hard skinned before you could write your first comment, but it was inconsequential. Try tweeting something radical today, and not get a lawsuit slapped across your pretty red face.

So you have been mates since grade 1, and he is moving to Wisconsin, don’t worry Facebook keeps you in touch. That ‘one that got away’, you just found him on twitter. Your old flame, she now has you in your circle, ‘wait what?’ Try refusing your boss’s friend request, or explaining to your father why he doesn’t see your updates in his stream (much easier than explaining why your pic shows you in a beach when your said you were in office, believe me).

The truth is; as more and more people start using the internet, they mimic what they do in the real world. Social media has all the pros and cons of a real society. You can keep in touch with your best friends, but you have to maintain appearances with most. They get hurt when your reply rudely, they get worried when you don’t reply, they get obsessive when you reply to someone else, and need their space when you reply too much. You have to accept request, because it would be rude not to, you have to say hi to every chat, because its bad manners, and you have to like your girlfriend’s status or god save your soul.

I would have asked you to save the internet, but I am afraid a lot of people are already on it. I even think there is a page for it. The fact is things change, and I am okay with that, just don’t expect me to add you as a friend so soon.

P.S. The author has 185 friends on FB, 66 followers on Twitter, and 69 people have him in his circle on Google+

P.P.S. The author likes to create and add details to his profiles on various portals when bored.


27 thoughts on “Quick add Me..

  1. That was one post which practically said everything thing in my mind.
    I’ve had a really weird experience with friend requests. Once I was appearing for some exam at a school, the guy sitting next to me got friendly and we did speak for a while. After the exam was over, as we were headed our different ways, he asked me, you on FB aren’t you? Will send you a request. What the hell, I mean, its a friend request right, that means you need to qualify as my friend don’t you? Gosh. I never added him anyway. And don’t get me started on Family members sending requests; that is just _____. You can’t add them, you can’t not add them. Thank God there are features like Lists.

    That set aside, great post, very relevant too.


  2. “and you have to like your girlfriend’s status or god save your soul”
    Hahah! Sooo true…and I’m a “girl friend”!

    All of your points made are accurate and I completely agree with. Internet was such a “no-no” when I was a little girl. It was very dark and mysterious…not at all like today!


    • In my teens I had to convince my parents that internet was more than just sleaze…
      now I have to convince them that it is more than Facebook and Ebay…


  3. So many r writing on the same topic 🙂 Agree with u
    Actually I wrote some Thing similar . Real Vs virtual ages back. This seems more interesting…
    Its plain boring at times and there were times when i started hiding many people’s feed 😛
    anyway GOOD DAY


    • Won’t you be a darling, and drop us a link Afshan, I would love to prove that I am not a lone bitter PEPPERIDGE farmer..


    • I agree with you Ruchita.
      All these features were supposed to supplement our primary mode of communication, but we now find that they have substituted them instead.
      (And now after so much serious and heavy English, I would go take a shower and drink a cola, to ease my brain)


    • I salute your efforts Dynamic Memory Map (such a cool name, just like the old days), I clean up my friend list from time to time, reducing my friends to a manageable amount (because I am an organization freak), but I haven’t done anything for the past 2 years, since I started working….I just kind of stopped caring so much…


    • The excess of anything can never be good Suzy, that’s why I give myself 5 minutes of rest each day, exclusive of the time when I am sleeping..


  4. haha- it’s a necessary evil i say- can’t be with it ; can’t be without it….. yes it has becoming boring and too narcissistic for my comfort. Nothing to beat the pick the phone – talk, or catch up in person. take your virtual life with a pinch of salt is my take. BTW – what’s with (much easier than explaining why your pic shows you in a beach when your said you were in office, believe me). —- would love to hear that in detail (winks)


    • Corinne I am sure, you are the only person on FB, who actually has more friends in real life. I am mean come one…I am surprised that you just have 800…


  5. I have a couple of requests on FB from people I barely know, I just dont want to accept them. Haven’t deleted also for ‘what will they think?’ reasoning..!


  6. Ha! I’m on all three and yes, I’m so tired of seeing people in the jogging shorts “about to take my daily run” or “me with my latte grande at Starbucks”! Who the f** cares?!!


  7. We are those fickle minded ones.. Infact the whole generation of ours is. We cannot tolerate reality and the same we are behind creating reality in the virtual world.
    Your post is like shoving up a mirror in front of all of our faces saying ‘Look this is what you and I do’. The truth is always harsh. But we are hypocrites and we will continue to be so, no matter even if someone decides to make us face the actual bitter truth.
    You and I would alway love to be how we are right now.

    Great post Ayush.. It was quite stimulating.

    – Your fellow A toZer
    Visit my post at http://precari0us.wordpress.com/

    Kripali (That’s for you Ayush :p . You may now abuse me if you err want to by my name 😉 )


  8. I was having the same feelings when I was on Orkut but then when I shifted to FB I made sure I don’t have any FB friend from my workplace & possibly even from my town..this made me look rude as my colleagues & staff wondered why I didn’t accept their friend requests..but I’ve been successfully maintaining different professional & personal lives. Some decisions are tough, but they have to be taken!


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