W is for Waiting

We know, we can beat the world,
But we don’t want to run the race;
Just because we hate the pace.
There are too many roadblocks; too many holes,
For us to go for victory from pole to pole.
We say we want to play fair,
when there is nothing but cheats out there.
So we choose not to run, but to hide.
At least then we might survive.

While we keep on waiting,
waiting for the race to change.

There is a girl you like,
She makes you sing songs on the mic.
She make you knees go weak, and eyes tweak.
You know you would do anything for her.
Anything but say all this to her.
You know you love her like hell,
(but when you see her talking to someone else)
You really don’t feel so well.
Suddenly you feel your hopes collapse
When that someone with her laughs.
You wanna put your heart before her,
But you fear a ‘No Thank You Sir’.
Life is not fair once more,
and you take the exit door.

And you keep on waiting,
waiting for her to change.

You know you could do a job better,
at least better than former and the latter.
But you kept quiet; and said you never got a chance.
While all you did was sleepwalk in a trance.
You complain that no one noticed you,
But you didn’t really want to be, isn’t it true?

You never stood up, and asked for the cup.
Cause you just kept on waiting, waiting for the time to change.

You know you could beat the world,
You know you really like that girl,
You know you can do the job better,
atleast better than the former and the latter.
So why do you keep on waiting, waiting for the world to change.
When all the world is waiting,
waiting for you to change,
waiting for you to change,
waiting for you to change.



19 thoughts on “W is for Waiting

    • I wrote this in school, when I was private and shy. I had to force myself out of a shell, to get what I think I deserved. Though I am alarmingly lazy, I show bursts of energy when push comes to shove.


    • What did they say “Be the change you want to see”…while there are things which are out of your hand…I have always believed that to be happy you have to make a conscious effort…


    • Yeah the world doesn’t want to do the hard work for you, they have no time to waste on someone who doubts himself.


    • Giving into peer pressure, and working hard and sacrificing are two very different things.
      That thought was bit muddled, but I hope I got your thought correctly..


  1. As they say, faint heart never won fair maiden – why wait and if she says no – move on and find another. But what if she says yes! Just another point of view.


    • I believe in ‘it is’ more than I believe in ‘what if’. People drive themselves to nightmares thinking of to many scenarios, I believe in finding out..


  2. Too good, you spoke to my heart, very often we wait for situation to change and so many other aspects to change, knowingly that unless we change nothing changes ! thanks for sharing !


    • Yeah…you said it Angela…and I am glad I could speak to your heart..before we started this website…I never knew I could..


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