You should read, watch and hear

I don’t preach. I don’t teach (though I do want to do it one day). I believe in tolerance and I believe in letting everyone make their own choices. Hence, this post is not so much about telling you what to do as it is about telling you what I have done all this time growing up.

You should read: Erich Segal‘s Love Story

Everyone who knows me, knows how much I am influenced by Julius Ceaser, Sherlock Holmes and even Robert Langdon. But if I had to pick one book, just one to show you that I have a really great taste in books, I would pick Love Story. It’s a small story, around a 100 pages, and that’s a the beauty of it. It’s a story of love found and lost, and its delivered without being soapy and lengthy. Whoever thought men can’t do romance need to read this.


Close seconds: Julius Ceaser, Deception PointThe Dark Knight Returns

Hindi Alternative: Premchand’s Short Stories

I haven’t read a Hindi story book since I left school. But I still know that Premchand is the king when it comes to classic Hindi literature. ‘Gaban’ is a well-acclaimed novelette, but his short stories and their relevance even today reflecting the Indian mindset is uncanny.

You should watch: Fight Club

There are cult movies and then there is fight club. The thing about this movie is that when you watch it during your formative years (your college years), that’s when it really strikes you. Watch it too late, and you would find it too far fetched, watch it too young, and you would find it much ado about nothing. Just watch it for Brad Pitt (that red jacket and aviators, I rocked that look all college long)and Ed Norton.


Close seconds: Taken, Wall E, Shawshank RedemptionZombieland

Hindi Alternative: Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron

The climax scene from this movie is legendary. I found the movie funny when I watched it the first time around. Years later I realized that it was full of satires and black humor. The beauty of the movie is that it grows with you. You find a new layer every time you watch it, and the best thing is you still find it funny.

You should hear: Here Without You (3 doors down)

I am not going to suggest you a complete album, but just a single song. Once again everyone who knows me, knows how big a fan I am of Linkin Park. I swear by Numb, Faint, and basically everything they throw at me. 3 doors down however made a winner when they made this song. Feeling lonely, hear this; feeling in love, listen to it; feeling heartbroken, cry to this. The band usually does rock alternatives, but this song gives any One Direction’s song a run for their money.


Close Seconds: Numb (Linkin Park), Hall Of Fame (The Script), Rolling in the Deep (Adele)

Hindi Alternatives: Namastey London (Himesh Reshamiya, Gulzaar)

If there ever was a complete Hindi musical album, it is this. I am one of the many who like Himesh’s music, and are not afraid to show it. But its not your typical Himesh or even Hindi soundtracks. Its soulful, giddy, and heart wrenching at times. Check it out, when you have the time.

I didn’t post this to banter about myself you know. I would love to know what you read, watched and heard, that’s what this post is about. A little quid pro quo, thats what this really is.


32 thoughts on “You should read, watch and hear

    • If you haven’t, don’t as I said it can be a little age specific…you can sleep safe that you have watched The Shawshank Redemption…


  1. Found a few of my favs and yes Himmesh was acceptable because you had a Gulzar backing him in NL. You don’t look the Love Story kinda guy, but I’ll take it at face value 😀

    Dropping in from A2Z


    • Yes it was supposed to be a short story, but his friends convinced him to write it as a screenplay..and as it happened, the rest is history..


  2. Love story !! – Aah an epic it is . I like deception point tooo
    UR PICKS are all awesome. Jaane bhi do yaaron remains FAVORITE ……leaeves me in splits
    heard a lot about fight club
    Have to watch
    Good day


    • Yes, people tend to overlook it because of Da Vinc Code…but both Deception Point and Digital Fortress are awesome books.


      • Yup. Digital Fortress does have the characteristic Dan Brown narration which is its forte. But I somehow felt the core idea in it was lacking in conviction. I guess that happens when the subject lies within the scope of one’s field… my bad.. 😀


      • I liked Digital Fortress for the information it gives you…I like all Dan Brown books for the information it gives you…


      • I agree with that point Ayush. Once an interviewer asked me why I liked Deception Point so much.. and I told I was awed by the amount of research that must have gone into writing such a book. I concur that it is true for all Dan Brown books :).


  3. Almost all of them done. Except for the song. Will check that out.

    But you missed ‘The Godfather’ in your reads. Will go with Love Story for the moment!


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