Sounds from a Broken Heart

Sounds from a Broken Heart

Let it burn; burn it to the ground,
Don’t cry a tear; don’t make a sound..
If there was one; she was it,
Pretty, kind, funny and full of wit..
Yet she is walking; she will go,
You won’t stop her; will you? I think no!

She made you smile all this time,
Had filled up your life with light and shine..
Only fair that she makes you cry now,
Its all your fault, letting things go and how..
A choice you had to make; and that you did,
Letting her go; a smile to show, the pain you hid..

You won’t be selfish; in this world you can’t,
Not brave too; and stand for what you want..
Wounds will heal; cover and disappear,
Memories will stay; never fading always clear..

Just like this poem; its all left in the way,
I can’t go where you want; and you won’t stay..
But what of this city; that we built together,
Of dreams, hopes and happiness forever..
‘Forever’ was your word always; never mine you see,
Mine were naive and simple; you and me under a tree..

You were a fool to believe in everlasting stories,
And I was too; to think this will have no worries..
So we will let it burn, burn it to the ground,
We won’t cry a tear, we won’t make a sound..

But that’s just another lie; we both know,
I would cry, cry and sob; just like you…no?


13 thoughts on “Sounds from a Broken Heart

  1. Of course. Nothing worse than saying ‘together forever’ and breaking up the very next day.
    I just hope you would cry too, like her, at least that shows you put your heart in there and you are hurt too…


  2. It’s so easy to make ‘final’ statements, but when you’re actually living it, you realize how hard it is and that everything you said before with such confidence just gets thrown away!!
    Loved the poem, Akhil and hope it is just a theoretical one for you!! ๐Ÿ™‚


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