55 Fiction: Love and Mystery

So I finally decided to do a Write-Tribe prompt. I am not a big fan of prompts, but this one caught my attention. Its about writing a story, in 55 words. Yup, not more not less exactly 55. This is known as 55 fiction. To know more about the rules and about the challenge itself, check out Vidya’s Suri post on Write tribe about fiction 55. Enjoy (or suffer)

55  Fiction


The rain howled and cried; so he didn’t have to. He really didn’t know what to do, so he clutched the bloody note tighter. His friends felt it will get better, he felt even worse. She felt it wasn’t him, But he felt it was. He was devastated, shattered, and lonely. Love is a bitch.

55 Fiction Love and Mystery


The woman lay there in a pool of blood. The weapon was clear, a knife used brutally. But the motive wasn’t. This wasn’t a botched robbery, no forced entry. She did have a boyfriend, maybe… That’s when his phone rang; a man had just jumped off the roof of the same building. The inspector sighed, “Love”.

My own little twist, if you connect the 2 stories together, they form a flash 11o story.


21 thoughts on “55 Fiction: Love and Mystery

  1. Crsip and fresh. Loved how the two connected n told a perfect yet sad story.
    And couldn’t help but reading your below comment. 55 for me is a huge challenge, m so bad at editing and just don’t know how to end!! But will surely try my hand at this as m up for new experiences this month!
    Okay, I think I need help too!! 😀


  2. Ayush, that was the first thng it came to my mind before I scrolled and u re affirmed that U did intend to connect the two. In fact I was thinking of a novel made of 55 words that were stories in themselves in each para and yet formed the whole put together. 😀


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