The Rain: Chapter 2: Cold

His footsteps on that watery road made a deafening sound to him, ever since that day, all sounds did. He walked slowly, letting himself drench in rain, thinking about how it had all gone wrong. There had to 5 successive operations to save Aarti. 2 of them had been administered rather effectively. They had also however, left him with just about par. The next 3 were highly expensive, and also had to be executed at short spaces, leaving him no time at all to earn any more.

Vijay had to break his fixed deposit for the 3rd operation. He had to empty his accounts, and sell his house way below the market price, just so that he could arrange the money and make the 4th operation happen on time. The 5th and final operation was finally upon him, it was supposed to cost him a whooping 10 lakhs. He did have 2 days to arrange the money, but no means to do so. Vijay was broke but not broken. He begged his friends for money, sold all his sister’s and his late mother’s jewellery at a pawn store, even extracted 3 loans from 3 different banks (but his credit history had tanked in the past few days). Still, he had fallen agonizingly short by 2 lakhs. The only option now was his boss Jagdish.

Cold, rain and pain

He had reached the huge iron gate of the manor. The rain was pelting now, each drop quick and hard as a bullet. The wrought iron gate was cold to touch, but not as cold as Jagdish was. Jagdish had flatly refused to lend any money to him at all, in fact he threatned to fire him, if he took anymore leaves. Vijay had even fallen to his knees during the conversation, begging him to save his sister’s life, his life. But to someone like Jagdish, he was more no more than a man on the streets asking for his ‘hard earned’ money. Just recently, Vijay had seen Jagdish spend thousands on female friend’s birthday bash, and yet he could not spend a penny for his sister. Vijay held on to the iron bars of the gate for a moment, and sighed. he remembered that moment when he was walking out from Jagdish’s office, that moment when his cause was lost, that moment when Aarti was abandoned, that moment when Vijay faced defeat.


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