Tribe Whispers Chapter 6: Shishir’s Mind

We all know about this game called Chinese Whispers in which one person whispers a message to another, which is passed through a line of people until the last player announces the message to the entire group. We at Write Tribe are doing just that but with stories on our blog. One person tells a short story on his/her blog, the next Blogger will continue the story, till it finishes on Blogger no. 9. I am blogger no.6.

The Story So Far:

Chapter 1: Like you know me better than I know myself By Richa
Chapter 2: The Dream I Dream… By Shilpa
Chapter 3: The plan unfolds By Pixie
Chapter 4: The Beginning By Pheno Menon
Chapter 5: First stroke of luck By Santulan

Ankitha bursted into Chauhan’s room, knocking back the door and sweeping the room with her custom Glock. The room was empty except for Chauhan sitting on a chair in front of a table, with a monitor. “Don’t move.”, she said as coldly as she could. Shishir had been through enough, proof or no proof this had to end tonight. “ are here, I was wondering who would get here first, Rohan or you. You see even I can’t think of everything.”

Ankitha was confused, but she didn’t show it. Ever since that day in the mall, when she had accidentally ran into Shishir, she had been following him like a shadow. Shishir lived a normal life, only this wasn’t the Shishir she knew, gone was the confident and suave man who had a knife for a mind, and in its place was this incompetent stammering fool. This wasn’t a cover either, Shishir even in his most private moments never showed any signs of being undercover. Ankitha had figured it was the dark chocolate, and when her friends at a lab told her there was a compound in it which they couldn’t figure out but definitely knew didn’t belong in a chocolate, she thought she had her lead.

“You are confused aren’t you. I understand, you are supposed to be.”, spoke Chauhan calmly. “Don’t prat. Shut up, get up from that seat and stand against that wall with your hands in the air.”, quipped Ankitha. She didn’t want anyone to mess with her mind than it already was. She had seen some weird stuff in the past 2 months. Bioluminance was all legit on paper, but on the inside it was an asylum. She had seen Rohan and Sumana kill indiscriminately. Random people, who had no connections to each other, and she had seen them place those bodies in Shishir’s room every time. Making him think he was murdering people in his sleep, threatening him but never making an offer. The murders themselves were a strange case, none of never seem to be reported, it was as if these people did not exist.

Chauhan was against the wall now, “I can explain everything, that’s why I am here.”, he said. “Yes you will. Everything. The why, the how and especially the what.”, Ankitha replied menacingly. Today, she had seen Rohan shoot Sumana and then put her in his car. 2 murders in 1 day hadn’t happened before, something had changed. Ankitha had not been able to make head or tail of it, but she knew that to get any kind of answers, she had to get Chauhan. And there they stood she with a gun, Chauhan against a wall. “What time is it?”, Chauhan asked. That was a weird question, but she answered it anyway, “Its 2’o clock”. Chauhan smiled, “It’ time”.Shishir's dream

“Tell me Ankitha, what is your Shishir’s hair color? I am not asking about the Shishir you are following, but the Shishir you spent 6 years with”

“Don’t stall, start talking if you don’t want a bullet in your head.”

“I take it you don’t know. Don’t worry its alright. Also you do remember the name of your 3rd boyfriend, but do you remember the name of the 2nd or the 4th?”

“I…what has that got to do with Shishir”

“That’s because, Shishir never wanted you to know.”


“Why do you think, you felt as if he was the master of disguise. Because he wanted you to think. Remember he could change his hair length, his skin tone, even his accent at will. Why, because Shishir changed, whenever he thought different.”

Ankitha was silent now. This was gibberish, she should just shoot him. But something was stopping her.

“You see Shishir is special. People dream and think and fantasize. Shishir gets to live what he dreams, quite literally.”

“You mean like Inception?”, spoke Ankitha softly trying to wrap her head around this.

“No not like Inception.”, Chauhan said almost irritated,” Inception was living in your own dream, Shishir lets his dream live with him, in the real world. He creates from his thoughts, and lets them loose. Just like he did with Rohan, with Sumana, with me and with YOU.”

Chauhan started to walk around the room, Ankitha still had her gun pointed at him. She was letting him speak, even if it was impossible.

“When Shishir was born, he wanted to be the Shishir who lived with you. But as he grew up he realized he would be like the Shishir who you are following. He wanted to fall in love with a girl like you, who was a valedictorian at her college, he wanted revenge against people who had been mean to him, like the bully in school Rohan, or the prom queen Sumana. But the way he was, he knew he had no chance of doing any of that.”

“And so he dreamed, and he created. He created a world not only for his mind, but for this reality. He intertwined the destinies of Sumana and Rohan and all the other who had done him wrong. He created a Shishir with whom you spent blissful adventures with. And he created me, someone who knows what is happening and why.”

“You mean, I am not real?”

“No, you are as real as any Kruson legend and Qashif that dead author. That’s the beauty of it. The only difference, you are created by Shishir. How is he able to do it. I don’t know, he doesn’t either, but he tries to think its those chocolates, and so they do.”

“Then why am I getting to know all this now? Why hasn’t he kept the charade up.”

“Because he is tired of thinking. Rohan is going to walk through that door at 3,o clock. I am destined to kill him. I don’t know how but I will. You however are destined to tell him the truth. What you do tell him however is upto you, because unlike the rest of us, he has given you the freedom of choice.”

“Go now, Shishir waits for you at the place, where he has always waited for you.”

Ankitha had no reason to believe that, but she did anyway, there was something in her which said this was. She turned around and walked out, and then for a moment stopped at the door.

“So I was his crush, Rohan was the bully, Sumana the evil prom queen, what are you?”

“I… I am just an English teacher, who showed him the wonder of stories.”

To Be Continued by Vidya Sury…..


18 thoughts on “Tribe Whispers Chapter 6: Shishir’s Mind

  1. Ayush!!! *clap clap* you have brought the story a wonderful twist. And the best part is you have written it so beautifully! I loved it so very much! Kudos!!



  2. I think I really can’t predict anything until I get to read Ishithaa’s chapter.. Nice one man.. atleast now it is moving in a definite direction… 🙂

    By the way, this story has used one idea I was thinking of using in the finale… maybe I’ll rethink it now… but again, I’ll wait for the next two chapters before I decide.. 😉 😛


  3. Ayush, I am intrigued by your brain…the more I read, the more I want to ethically hack it? It is like a cosmic swirl in unknown and yet has a magnetic pull crossing over the charade of reason, to explore without fear.


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