7 of the best Wrestling matches you will ever watch

Ok, so Akhil is still in that purgatory that we call an office, and might not be able to bring you his tale from Blood and Thunder again today. Filling in for him, yet again, and to fulfill the legacy, that 1HundredWorks finish what they start, welcome back to the strange Man-child mind of Ayush Chauhan.

I have written ghost stories, I have written movie reviews, I have written about cricket and gaming. This blog has given me the opportunity to write about each and every one of my passion, but one, wrestling. Taking the opportunity/advantage of Write tribe’s festival of words (which would guarantee at least 3 comments), today I kick off on that front too.

Today, we look at the 7 greatest wrestling matches that I have ever seen, In ascending order of course:

7. Randy Savage Vs. Ricky The Dragon Steamboat (WWE Wrestlemania 3 1987):

This match features last on the list, only because it was before my time. Whenever I discuss wrestling, people keep coming back to this match, to explain how an awesome match should be played.

6. Randy Orton Vs. Cactus Jack (WWE Backlash 2004):

The best matches are the ones, which stay in your head. Randy Orton was a rising star, Cactus Jack a beloved legend. The Hardcore match that they had at Backlash, was just epic. Ladders, Chairs, Tables, 20 feet dives, trash cans, even thumb tacks. Its so awesome, it becomes difficult to watch sometimes.

5. Goldberg Vs Hulk Hogan (WCW Nitro 1998):

I love this match purely for its nostalgic value. Hogan was old and slow, but Goldberg, oh he was the unstoppable force. Just, Just watch that bald monster of a man polish off a legend.

4. AJ Styles Vs. Samoa Joe Vs. Christopher Daniels (TNA Unbreakable 2005):

TNA is what WCW used to be in the early 90s. A competitor to WWE, but not big enough to threahten it. But make no mistake about it, TNA has enough talent to knock your socks off. If you are a wrestling fan, not WWE, not WCW, not Hogan, but purely a wrestling fan, just turn this on and enjoy the Phenomenal Aj Styles.

3. John Cena Vs Daniel Bryan (WWE SummerSlam 2013):

If you thought wrestling was dead, you haven’t seen the beard in action. Since the beginning of the year, Daniel Bryan had been upping the ante every single night in the ring. John Cena on the other hand gets a lot of flack for being WWE’s posterboy, but that dude can wrestle, when slam comes to suplex. Together, the 2 of them created the best match of 2013, trumping even Punk Vs. Lesnar on the same night (and that match was the definition of awesome). I cant link it, since its not old enough, just buy it online, its worth every penny.

Cena vs Daniel bryan summerslam 2013
Cenation Leader and G.O.A.T going at it

2. Hardy Boys Vs. Dudley Boys Vs Edge And Christian (WWE WrestleMania 17 2001):

WrestleMania is to wrestling what Super Bowl is to American football, and Oscars is to movies. Legends are made on this Sunday in March every year for the past 29 years. And boy did those 6 young guys made legends out of themselves. The only time you will see a guy getting speared, hanging from a ladder. Tables, Ladders and Chairs oh yeaah!

1. Shwan Michaels Vs. Undertaker (WWE Royal Rumble 2007):

This is not exactly a match, but this is stuff fables are made of. A star studded Royal Rumble (Jericho, Flair, Edge, Orton, Kane to name a few), and who are the ones who are left in the ring, The heartbreak kid and the Phenom. The 2 of them had had some awesome matches in the past, and they were going to have 2 of the best a few years later. But in that moment, those 5 minutes of goosebumps, makes you realize what wrestling is all about.


2 thoughts on “7 of the best Wrestling matches you will ever watch

  1. Wrestling is definitely not my thing. Your post reminded me of my kiddie days when driving by Haji Ali in Mumbai we would come across these huge posters of Dara Singh, Klondike Bill, Red Scorpion etc


    • You have trumped me there Suzy, I have never watched a live wrestling match in person, all my experience is from screens. In fact when I was growing up, wrestling wasn’t a famous sport (at least in my city, Dehradun), so even those posters you talk about, NADA….oh I feel jealous…


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