7 Hindi movies to watch before you die

So Akhil Kalsh gives us the dive for the 3rd time in a row, and I am left yet again to clean up after him. I really don’t know why you people like him and his Blood and Thunder storyline so much.

Anyways to the festival of words at hand, for which I am woefully late yet again. But thanks for America, and its bloggers, I think I still might have a slim window going in.

I have been watching movies since I can remember, my mother is an ardent movie goer, and my father and his younger brother had VCR tapes of a plethora of English movies, so you can say its in my blood. I watch movies as much as a mode of entertainment as an mode of education. So I watched, right through school, college and now my job, I have hundreds upon hundreds of movies.

If you haven’t guessed what this post is about by now, its about 7 of the best Hindi movies that I have seen ever.

7 Hindi movies you should before you die

7. Sarkar:

1 name Amitabh Bachchan. Some would argue that Amitabh work alone can fill all 7 of the spots, and they would not be wrong entirely. The longevity, the grace, the magnificence, the magnetism of Amitabh is on full display, in this Indian re-enactment of Godfather. I personally like this movie, because I feel this character of universally loved, universally accepted Amitabh, is closer to reality than any of his other work. I mean it easy to belive that a crowd collects outside his house everyday just to watch him wave the them. And then there was the haunting background music…”Govinda Govinda”

6. Chak De India:

You wouldn’t find many best of Indian Cinema list, without Sharukh in them. The reason I chose Chak De India over DDLJ or KKHH or My Name is Khan or even Darr is because of the hard hitting role of Kabir Khan that Sharukh portrays. Its not glamorous, its not easy, its gritty and tough. In one word its inspiring. A sports movie done right, is what Chak De India is. Based on India’s women’s hockey team World Cup victory, the movie is also known for providing India with its persistent sport victory anthem.

5. Namastey London:

I had to put in a love story somewhere. I really struggled between Love Aaj Kal and Namastey London. NL won because of 2 reasons: I am a fan of Akshay’s work and since I decided to keep Hera Pheri out of this, it was only fair. The second is the haunting musical score that the movie has, who would have thought Himesh Reshamiyaa and Gulzaar could create such poetry. They say there is an age when you start understanding love stories, maybe it was the age, maybe it was the movie, but one thing is for sure, it was love at its best.

4. Shootout At Lokhandwaala:

This multi-starrer based on a true story action packed movie is about a pack of policemen led by Sanjay Dutt trying to put an end to a criminal gang of Mumbai led by none other than Vivek Oberai as “Maya Dholas”. That’s the synopsis, but the movie is much more richer than what it looks on the surface. Sanjay Gupta once mentioned in an interview that he siogns on men for his movies and not boys, and this is a shining example. The movie is full of machismo, set-pieces, and acting…ohhh the acting from Vivek and Sanjay is to watch criminal underworld of Mumbai come alive.

3. Sarfarosh:

I know 2 police movies in the same list, Holy partiality Batman. But how can I exclude a movie, that instilled a desire of becoming a cop into an young school going kid. Aamir Khan as the incorruptible officer takes on corruption, crime and terrorists led by none other than the versatile Nassuridin Shah. If you haven’t watched it yet, stop reading, buy it online, watch it, come back, and then nod your head in agreement, as to why this movie made the list.

2. Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron:

There was a time when comedy was much more than stupid gags and double meaning dialogues. This was the time of Hera-Pheri, Andaaz Apna Apna, and before them Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron. A sarcastic and black humor look at India’s corporate corruption, the movie and its plot still rings true whenever you watch it. That’s what the mark of an evergreen movie. And did I tell you about that climax scene on a Mahabharata stage, oh you gotta watch it to believe it.

1. Kahaani:

Viday Balan at her very best. A woman out for revenge, a patriotic but grey police officer, another honest but charmed cop, an corrupt administrator, a balding assassin and a climax that would have you gaping at what just happened. Set in the visual treat of Bengal, this suspense thriller, women driven movie will leave you appreciating cinema.


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