Agni: Dossier of A Shadow: Part 2

“Had your little heart to heart?”

Agni had just stepped out of that sorry excuse of a police station, when I called out to him. He turned around to look at me, and immediately knew something was off. The rain was well and truly coming down hard, so hard that the plume of the breaking droplets was almost waist high. That, along with the night, made visibility next to zero, but he didn’t need to see me to know who I was, he just had to feel me.

“Who are you?” he said, looking right into my face, where my eyes should have been, but there were none. This part of my body hadn’t been formed yet.

“That is precisely the question I am here to answer.” I said, and moved towards him.

Agni, whipped out his hands and began to freeze the drops around him into a defensive shield. For someone who thinks he is more than human, he sure has the humane fear of the unknown.

“That’s not required, I am not here to fight.” I said, as I slowly melted a circle into his ice shield, “Not Today.”

He saw what I did and how I did it, he was beginning to grasp it, and I could feel it.

“You are…How did you…But if you knew, how could I…Why didn’t I?”

Agni was rarely surprised, and he didn’t like it. For a guy who has been in innumerable cycles, he had gotten use to the routines; he likes to know what was going to happen.

“Let’s start with the first question, the right question; who am I?” Agni calmed down a bit, sensing I really didn’t mean any harm. I took off my right glove, and pulled up the sleeve of my coat. My hand glowed just like his, mine however sent out an orange tinge instead of blue. He stood there almost mesmerized. He was coming up with the answer himself. I decided to help him out.

“You know your physics right. You have to. You are basically classical physics with a hint of alchemy.” he wanted to cut me off, but I continued.

“Every particle in this world has an equal and opposite number. Each and everything in all universes are balanced, are accounted for. Did you really think those particles that you bend; the unnecessary matter that you create, the part of you that you lose every time has no repercussion?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, whenever you do something the universe doesn’t like, it makes a note of it, and believe me the universe remembers. Every time you destroy a part of yourself to stop some petty criminal, the universe takes that part, collects it and puts it in a jar.”

“And what are you, the collector?”

“That’s the best you could come up with. Or do you just want to hear it from me?” I was irritated, he could feel it. That made him happy, which made me even more irritated.

“So the universe keeps a tab on you. Everything that you create or destroy is equated by something opposite somewhere else. But what happens, when you skip town?”

Agni took off his hood, and let the rain hit his whitening hair, he looked like a blue lava lamp, he crooked his head to the right and contemplated what I had just said.

“Well it’s clear you didn’t think about it, lucky for us the universe did. Every time you change universes, the old universe also sends across your earlier baggage. Now no universe likes to have some unaccounted for matter in their cosmos, so after a bit of matter swapping, they came up with another idea. They made me.” I finally announced, almost in glory, however I could sense he wasn’t impressed, I was disappointed.

“See I am you. Every particle that you threw away, painstakingly collected and organized into a neat little package.”

“No.” Agni almost bellowed, and stepped back a little further. I could feel what he was thinking next. “Get away, I don’t need you.”

“Don’t worry, I will keep my distance. And no we won’t be whole again if we touch each other, there would be a lot of pain and both of us will lose something that we can never get back.”

“See I am you. But a complete chemical/physical metamorphosis removed. I am like your evil twin. But I am not whole, every time you use your power, you make me more complete. I use my power and you gain a piece of your body back, but when we combine them we both loose that particle forever. Basically we are the equilibrium reaction of the universe. Add us up and we are 1, but combine us and we are zero.”

“That’s why I can use my powers with you, even when you know what I am going to do.”

“Yes because it’s me, so it’s you, hence technically no one knows what you are going to do, but you.”

“Why are you here?”

“The same reason you find and visit that Khuraana every universe you land up in. Full Disclosure. Ever since, I was just a sentiment, I have hated you. I am forced to follow you across universes. Never knowing how much more painful the next switch is going to be. You have been trying to die for eternity, try getting created molecule by molecule through eternity.”

“So you are here to kill me? Or try to kill me?”

“No. I am not strong enough. If I try attacking you now, I will hurt you, but I will not be able to destroy you completely. But I will be an equal soon. Soon I will be as powerful as you in every way conceivable. That’s when I will come for you. That’s when all those universes will come for you.”

I turned around and started walking back; as I walked away I slowly released my grip on the place. Holding a piece of land ignored by Space and time so that you can talk to your nemesis can be quite a load, but I will get back all the lost muscles soon, I always do.

“Wait for me Agni. Wait as the universe conspires to finally rid you of your curse.”

“I will be waiting alright. Though the next time, it would be better if you had a mouth instead of speaking into my head.”

“The universe doesn’t care for vanity, it only cares for balance. Good bye.”

“Good Bye and Thank you.” I heard him speak into my head. He was relieved. Relieved to know there was indeed an end. If I had lips, I would have smiled at his naivety.


3 thoughts on “Agni: Dossier of A Shadow: Part 2

  1. Wow, when Vaisakh told me that you would be writing a sequel to Agni, this was nothing like what I had in mind.

    This post clearly makes the orange guy the biggest antagonist that Agni is ever going to face, like Superman’s Kryptonite, only infinitely bigger, badder and indestructible in all senses of the word.


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