The 5 rules of Blogging

Blogging has become a thing. Yup, anyone who is someone on the internet has/had a blog (or has one and doesn’t know about it). As is normal with any human activity that becomes fashionable, people make up un written rules about them (like they have about going on a date!), and then they make a blog post about it. People read it, agree with some, disagree with others, make up their own rules, and we end up with another set of rules and a new blog post. So after hours of researching into the “Google Abyss” (and spending too much time on this post), I realized that we at 1HundredWorks, have at some time or the other broken a lot of those rules. While documenting them all, would be like catching all the 3rd generation Pokemon. I decided to list down 5 of them, and bore you to death with how much of risk takers and pioneers we are at 1HundredWorks.

The 5 rules of Blogging *

(*and how 1HundredWorks Broke them)

Shock Media Marketing

The eye-catching image, which I blatantly ripped off from Stagglandd, which He ripped of from somewhere else
The eye-catching image, which I blatantly ripped off from Stagglandd, which He ripped of from somewhere else

The picture above has no link what so ever with post. You will not find any information about it here, except for the fact that the image is of a man with 2 heads. This phenomenon is known as Polycephaly, and you can really scare yourself reading about this. What this image does do however is draw attention. It lures you in with promise about two-headed men, but you end up with “The 5 rules of blogging”. This is known as Shock media marketing, and we at 1HundredWorks are totally against this (except for this 1 time). And if you are lazy as we are (in searching for images for your 1500 word epic), you should totally stop adding images to your blog as well.

Trolling Forums and Social media

"Like My Page....Please???"
“This is your Facebook Feed. Your Twitter feed is next”

We recently jumped ship on this one. And now that we are on the other side of the fence, we are going to act all snobby and refined. Guerrilla/Social marketing is supposed to be subtle, it does not have to flood your feed, until you the propaganda of liking your page, following your tweet, and adding your page is burnt into reader’s head. I mean look at us, did you even see those 4 inconspicuous buttons on the left. You didn’t even know they were buttons did you, click on them to find out.If you are also the kind of blogger who hates writing “Good Post” and “Nice one. Check out mine.” then you really need to like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, and +1 on Google Plus right now.

Carving out a niche

This is what would happen, if we tried carving a niche for us.
This is what would happen, if we tried carving a niche for us.

This is 1 rule, that I run into against all the time. Even normal non-internet people ask me what my blog is about. All I can say is, my blog is about everything. Yes we write about gaming, cars, poems, SQL, superheroes, photography and cricket. Hell the category portion of 1HundredWorks is longer than an average Indian housewife’s shopping list. We are not Wikipedia, but we are getting there. And to all the haters, who can’t write about anything but 1 topic, you can “Talk to the hand”.

Having the right gender

Why Mechanical Engineers don't have blogs...
Why Mechanical Engineers don’t have blogs…

Don’t believe me, pick up a sample set of 100 bloggers from anywhere: Blogger, WordPress, Indiblogger, BlogLuvin. It like the reverse of the World’s Population Demographic. I think its something to do with more girl wanting to keep a personal diary than boys, but that’s just me. Anyways, if you didn’t know already me and my friend Akhil are men (we were boys when we fought zombies and aliens in college days, now we have a job). In spite of that we have held our own on the cyberspace, a lot of it has to do with our irresistible charm, but we like to think its our writing skills (its not a crime to massage your ego from time to time, don’t judge me!). So don’t be afraid if you can’t tell parrot green from sea green, if you write well enough (and look good), you can survive on the harsh realm of blogosphere.

Always blog with readers in mind

How Do I make you think I care, so you can keep coming back
How Do I make you think I care, so you can keep coming back

Yeah right! Like that fools anyone. Let me tell you dear reader, your opinion is worth S.H.I.T!!! The only reason, I want you on my blog, is so that you can click on those ads that I have so cleverly placed (one in the left toolbar, and the other just above the comment box) and I could make millions of dollars from them. 1HundredWorks have thrived by writing what we want to write, and if you think we are going to change our ways and become all apologetic and stuff. Well you got another thing coming fellow reader. Didn’t like what you read; Comment if you want to, so I can reply to your comment, and give you another reason to come back and click on those ads once again.

Tell us what you think of our very own 5 rules of blogging. Do you have any of yours? care to share? Or don’t. I don’t care.


20 thoughts on “The 5 rules of Blogging

  1. Ayush this was superbly done! I loved every inch of this piece. You actually made my tuesday morning and helped me start a long train journey on a funny note. And parts of it are gospel truths. Shock marketing is what pulls many to blogs and sites. This one is a must read from my side šŸ™‚


    • Thanks Richa, I am glad that you dropped by. Even gladder that I could make you laugh. I had been working too much serious stuff for a while, so it was nice to break free from that. Even nicer to see that its appreciated…Hope you have a great trip and a great day


  2. The only rule I follow about blogging is that there aren’t any rules. I do what my heart tells me and the words flow from there. If folks stop by, read and comment, and actually like what I have written…BONUS! ā™„


  3. I think we all have our own rules about blogging and as long as they resonate with ourselves, that’s okay. I guess the idea is to keep your readers interested that they keep coming back for more – and you won’t please everyone. But I do like the new look!


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