The Idealist Vs The Cynic

Idealist and the cynic, are 2 friends, with completely different outlook on the world.They meet every now and then, at a cafe where I go to get my morning coffee.

They talk about what’s been going on in the world, and what they think about it, while I eavesdrop away. Lately they have been inviting me to their table, asking me to pass judgements. I told them I could do better, and ask the world to judge them. They grinned at me and went back to work.

The idealist tries to look at the world in black and white, allows for benefit of doubt, and tries to think why someone did what they did. He enjoys the morning newspaper, is polite but knows how to drive his point home.

The cynic, doesn’t believe what his eyes tell him, and he digs deeper into every statement. He would start pointing out your grammar mistakes, if he can’t convince you otherwise. He likes his coffee black, and his words strong.

If they are so different, why are these two friends? I don’t know. But then I don’t know why I love my brother so much (inspite of him being a total prick).

‘I’ and ‘C’ can be a little in your face sometimes. Read them with tongue in cheek, but do take them seriously, and sound off in the comments. I am sure they would appreciate that.

Episode 1: Startups, Entrepreneurs and the Average Man


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