India Vs West Indies Tickets for Mumbai test match

So you are planning to watch Sachin in action for one last time? Well unless you live in Mumbai, or you got a friend there who lives there; you are fresh out of luck.

India Vs West Indies + Sachin’s 200 test= No tickets Available


Update 12/11/2013:

In another twist to the story, which is now looking like a daily soap, the multitude of people who had collected outside the MCA, The Mumbai Hockey Association were in for a rude awakening. The MCA apparently decided over night that they won’t be selling any tickets through the box-office (which is in direct contradiction to their earlier statement which you can read below). Instead all available tickets will ONLY BE SOLD ONLINE. the site which had been selected to sell those elusive 3000 tickets (yup the number has been reduced), promptly crashed after hundreds of thousand logged in to book their tickets. You can still visit the site, and watch people call them names.

Update 09/11/2013:

As per the latest announcements, the tickets for Sachin’s last test match (which also happens to be the 2nd test match between India and West Indies) WILL NOT BE SOLD ONLINE.

Yes, you read that right. No online tickets will be available. A total of 5000 tickets will go on sale on 11th of November, which would be sold from counters at Mumbai Hockey Association Office. They may also be sold at Islam Gymkhana. Now I don’t live in Mumbai, so I am not sure how far these two places are, but that’s what Google maps are for.

All tickets are for the complete 5 day package, and no single day tickets are sold. The prices are announced to be between Rs.5,000-Rs.10,000. I imagine the ticket window are going to look like Railway stations Tatkal counters during Diwali. I also think there is going to be a lot of black market ticketing.

So if you live in Mumbai, are willing to shell out at least 5K, and have enough stomach to spend a Monday morning (I imagine this is going to be early) in front of Mumbai Hockey Association, then you surely deserve to watch Sachin in action for the last time.

Sachin_cover_drive_200 tests
The last time you will see Sachin doing that for India ever

If you do happen to find a way to get into the Wankhede during 14-18th November, do share you experience with us. Until then I would curse the BCCI for not allowing online sales.

P.S. if you find this written with a little condescending tone, then know that yours truly wanted to go and watch this match, and he lives in Bangalore. Yup go figure!


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