Confessions of a Cheater- Part 1

This one is for all you cheaters out there, always looking for better ways to pass an examination than just studying. I would call myself a pro now, but I was not always like this. Every superhero has an origin, every cheater has a beginning. This is mine and then some. Enjoy…

First Steps

Time: Class 7 The test: Monthly Unit Test

The Problem: Physics Q.1-3

Angad Chaturvedi(name changed), sat behind me during most exams (our roll no. being sequential). Angad hated a lot of subjects, but he hated Physics with a bit more passion than others. I on the other hand was what you would call a child prodigy (ok I was marginally better than Angad). Anyways, so here we were, on test day, one behind the other. The papers were handed out, the bell rang and we were away.

We weren’t even 15 minutes into the test when he started poking me with his elbow, then his knees and incidentally his pen. When that didn’t work, he started whispering. “Ayush question 1, question 1”. “Okay question 2”. “Fine question 3, just the first part, I know the rest”.

I was both appalled and angered by his behavior and it was only our friendship that kept me from reporting him. For the next 15 minutes I tried to block out his appeals and concentrate on my question (the inertias and the force weren’t going solve themselves). Angad however, clearly had nothing better to do. So he kept up the poking and the whispering.

You know what they say about hard work and bad habits (in 2 different idioms). In clear violation of school decreed mandate of covering your answer book with your hands, I slid my left hand a bit, just so he could see the top 2 line of the page. The effect was immediate, the poking stopped and so did the whispering. Man, was I relieved; I could get back to work now.

A Artist's representation of what happened that day
A Artist’s representation of what happened that day

The peace lasted only a few minutes however, as the poking was back soon. This time, I knew how to handle them though; I slid my hand further and once again the poking stopped. This lasted for the duration of the test. The poking told me when to slide my hand down further. It waited patiently if we reached the end of the page, and I was still working on the other one.

While it might not sound much to you, for a child doing it for the first time this was an adrenalin rush. Doing something wrong, so clearly condemned by parents, school and society in general; and yet here I was, enjoying myself. Scared as hell of getting caught, and yet unable to stop myself. World better watch out, a badass was born that day.



4 thoughts on “Confessions of a Cheater- Part 1

  1. Lovely post describing the adrenaline rush of indulging in cheating for the first time ever, made me walk down memory lane and recollect my own. Except for the name and the subject chosen, the modus operandi was quite similar in my case as well. Lovely post, looking forward to Part 2 now 😀


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