The Rail Trip chronicles

Chris let his hand limp from the berth, sighing softly “Kill me now”. Agasthya below him, murmured “I would, if I wasn’t bored to death myself”, swatting away the rhythmically swerving hand above him.

Asif, seated on the opposite birth to Agasthya opened a box from his backpack. and offered them savories, “Anyone…?”.

“For the nth time Asif, I am bored not hungry.”, grumped Agasthya even as Chris helped himself to a piece.

Asif smiled both at Chris and Agasthya, and then tapped the berth above him, “Mister Book Miester” moving his box of sweets over his head. A wry hand reached down, picked up a piece and then went back to its own semi-private bought for a reasonable price area.

“How long does it take to reach this god-forsaken place anyways?”, Chris spoke to Agasthya, this time hanging his head down, his long blonde hair forming yellow stalactites in the gravity.

“How the hell would I know, I wasn’t the one who wanted to do his post-gradute from here. Hell if it was upto me we would have been in a plane to Vegas, but noooo…you wanted to come here.”

“They don’t have any universities in Vegas.” Chris replied calmly, “Hey Asif, any idea how long is the stop from here?”.

Asif adjusted his spectacles and spoke in his beaming voice,“Well, we are traveling across the length of India, and the guide said something around 38 hours. We are into our 2nd day so I think roughly the same amount you have already spent in the train.”

“WTF, I am going to be too old by then. God Damn, should have booked a flight” spat out Chris and sat up on his berth, crossed his legs, then his arms; tilted his head a bit and almost as if he was speaking to himself, “Asif in your college, nay in your complete life time, have you ever fallen in love?”

“Whhhaaat?”, Asif stuttered and probably for the first time, since they had stepped on the train, stopped munching.

“Ohhh, here we go”, muttered Agasthya, opened his window for a bit, decided that the wind was too fast for him and closed it back down.

“I said, did you, you know ever fall in love?”, Chris repeadted his question and angled himself across in a weird diagnol across their berths. His feet still semi-squated on his berth while his neck peering into Asif’s eyes, hanging by his 2 wiry hands clamped on the supporters of his berth.“..and how was it like?”

“Chris, stop it. You are embarrassing the poor guy”, Agasthya finally got up and pushed him back onto his berth.

“Ohh come on. He is a grown man. I am bored, he is bored, you are bored. Jayant has been reading the same book since we started. I am pretty sure he is bored…No offense.”, Chris pointed to Jayant with a peace sign. Jayant responded by peering across, and then going back to his book.

“I am just saying, its in the interest of everyone, that we share some interesting stories, and what better than stories, about paradise lost, regained and lost again.”

“You mean stories about girls.”

“If it involves them, yes!!”

“Chris I swear to god. I am already semi-depraved because of this 28 hour continuously shaking ordeal, I will and I repeat I will throw you off this train.”

“Its alright Agasthya, I am bored too. I can understand.”, Asif spoke out from the corner of his semi-filled mouth.

“See, he is cool with it.”, said Chris pushing off Agasthya. In one fluid motion, Chris had jumped from his berth, balanced himself after landing and then landed himself right next to Asif, with one hand on his shoulder.

“So my man Asif, tell us a little about yourself, and a little about how you eat so much, and yet stay on the fit/fat fence?”, Chris spoke again, with a impish grin on his face. Agasthya sighed and sat down on his berth again, slowly shaking his head.

“Only on one condition, if you 3 share your stories too.”, Asif spoke sheepishly borrowing Chris’s impish grin for a while.

“This just keeps getting better and better”, spoke Jayant from his pedestal and jumped down himself. Motioned to Agasthya to make some space for him and settled into it.

“I like you more and more already Asif, too bad you won’t be in my class”, spoke Chris, “So share your adventures with us, and we shall share ours with you, making a grand gesture of a king with his hands.

“So what are we doing sex stories on the train now.”, Agasthya bumped in again, frowning; to which his companions reacted with a collective sigh.

“Ok, Ok I will shut up.” Agasthya spoke clearly annoyed, then noticed Asif and Chris’ glare and said, “Until its my turn. I will play along happy?”

The 2 of them now turned to Jayant, suddenly noticing he was the center of attraction, Jayant became a little conscious and spoke out abruptly, Yeah why not, its a lot better than the book I was reading.”

“Awesome, so let’s get this show on the road….Or on the track..” as Chris clapped his hands together in celebration and anticipation.

Chris’s Story Asif’s tale
Jayant’s recollection Agasthya’s account

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