Chapter 1(A): Agasthya

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There was a clear reason why Agasthya was a celebrated NIA (National Intelligence Agency) ACP. His father a freedom fighter and later a government teacher had instilled him with idealistic beliefs of freedom, law and democracy. It was apparent that he was going to be a police officer given he was a good student an excellent athlete, and most importantly had a vision for his country. He cleared his IPS exams and worked in the Anti Narcotic Department for 6 years before he moved to the newly minted NIA in 2009.

Agasthya never married, had no siblings and his father had passed away when Agasthya was in college. He had no second name (his father one of the Gandhi supporters) and as an extension no relatives. There was nothing to keep Agasthya back, and nothing to keep him tied down. He worked inhuman hours, traveled unreasonable distances and carried in-numerable wounds. He was loyal to his task of eradicating the drug mafia from the Indian veins, and the government heaped rewards on him for his achievements.

When the NIA came calling however, Agasthya didn’t hesitate to sign up. The NIA was focused on anti-terrorists activities, and there was no reason why drug lords couldn’t be covered in those definitions. Besides, how many times he had to halt his investigation because there was cross-border jurisdiction involved. Being in the NIA opened new doors for Agasthya, and once again like always he excelled. His exploits in Naxal territory and then in J&K remained classified from the media but were well known in the halls of NIA.

After his most recent trips to the Himalayas that had lasted for 6-8 months in mostly China controlled territory, the higher ups at NIA had decided to give him a vacation. Agasthya refused, so they met him halfway and offered him a case involving clandestine funds from overseas. It wasn’t an easy case, but it didn’t involve a lot of moving around.

Chapter 1: Agasthya
Chapter 1: Agasthya

Agasthya was given a quarter (more like a Bungalow) in Delhi, a driver and a cook. He was also given freedom to pick and choose his own team for the job. He hadn’t as of yet, 2 months into the job he had worked on it himself. It wasn’t as if he didn’t trust people, but he didn’t carry the same baggage like many of his colleagues and so he didn’t involve them unless he absolutely had to.

He was onto something now. He had some names, and the heat on him was increasing. He was used to such political influences during his time in the Anti-Narcotics. Most of the times, he would have to drop the case, and move to another location, but the few times when he did get an opportunity, he would rip those people out of their seats. Agasthya was patient, but he was also thorough. He never made allegations without concrete evidence.

Tonight however, he was ready to call it in. He had prepared his report (all 508 pages of it), and he would submit it to NIA headquarters tomorrow. They can then take a call if the names in that report were good enough to be taken down, or big enough to be kept out.

Agasthya needed a bath. He turned on the tap, and began filling his bath tub. He added salt to the water, and waited for it to reach the perfect temperature. Agasthya like many others enjoyed shutting off his mind. He did it often when he submerged himself into the bathtub. It helped him more than his sleep did, and was probably the only comfort he missed, when he was on the field.

He had just entered the bath tub, and closed his eyes, when the phone rang.

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 1(A): Agasthya

    • That makes the 2 of us. I mostly avoid writing long winding storylines.
      I have finally decided to hold the ball when it comes to story writing, time to put up or shut up I think


    • Yup Akki, doesn’t have the same weight as Agasthya.
      I didn’t want to spoil the mood of the post by adding a separate box, explaining what it is…but I think I might need to add it in a few days or else it might confuse people.


    • Thanks for dropping by Vishal. Yeah I wanted to step it up this time around. I also wanted to write a story with over arching design. So its like drawing 2 birds with one article.


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