The un-named story

If you have landed on this page, chances are you read a chapter, felt lost and wanted to know more. Well for starters and for legal purposes all characters in the story are fictious, and any resemblance to any is completely coincidental. I have tried/researched to keep procedure as official and real as much as possible, but please expect some artistic license somewhere.

I still don’t have a name for the story, because I don’t know how it will end up. You will find the reason below.

The story itself is a serialized short-story divided into 26 chapters. Each one going live each day at 1 PM IST Mon-Sat throughout the month of April 2014.

Every Saturday, I will attempt to give the readers choices. Depending on what they pick by letting me know in the comments, I will take the story forward in that direction. I am also aware that I might have a tie in comments, or even more probable scenario I might not have any comments on the Saturday post. In that case it will be my perogative to take the story forward. I hope if you are reading this, you would be intrigued enough to take part in the choices themselves.

Now this story is the direct result of the April A-Z Challenge 2014. I have always ever written short stories, albeit very long ones but overarching plots has never been my thing, mostly because I am scared of losing or missing out plot lines. I try to do just that with this story divided into 26 individual chapters.

Below is the list of every Chapter that this story has yet to offer. I will add more as they are published. if you had started somewhere in the middle this is a great place to begin. I strongly suggest you read it from the start.

Chapter 1(A): Agasthya

Chapter 2(B): Beginning

Chapter 3(C): Crime Scene

Chapter 4(D): Dr. Salil Batra

Chapter 5(E): Experience <Choice 1>

Chapter 6(F): First Contact

Chapter 7(G): Grim Poem

Chapter 8(H): A Hunt

Chapter 9(I): Identity

Chapter 10(J): Jaipur

Chapter 11(K): A Kill A Clue

Chapter 12(L): Paradise Lost

Chapter 13(M): Mind of A Murderer

Chapter 14(N): Names And Lies

Chapter 15(O): Game On

Chapter 16(P): Poet Or Parshuram?

Chapter 17(Q): Questions And Answers <Choice 2>

Chapter 18(R): Hit And Run

Chapter19(S): Saving Gokul Das

Chapter 20(T): The Crash

Chapter 21(U): The Plan Uncovered


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