The Final of 2007

Today when a cricket writer sits down to write about the World T20 final of 2007 today, it is difficult for him not to look at that victory as the start of a golden age of Indian cricket. It is difficult for him not to look at that match as a harbinger of all the victories that came after it. The no. 1 Test ranking, the ICC World Cup of 2011, and the Champions Trophy of 2013 and others that came after the match at the Wanderers.

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Bangalore The City

I have lived in a few cities during the course of my life, and I have traveled to even more. I intend to keep adding to that list, but during the past few weeks, I have been made to think a little more deeply into what makes a great city, thanks mainly to We Are Mumbai, and Arvind Kejriwal.

There are quite a few cities in India. Metropolitan, Cosmopolitan, you name it; India has got it. But just like people, not all cities are made equal. Delhi is obviously the capital to the country, whether bad or good Delhi’s (NCR) ever expanding borders have always mirrored what the world has thought of us. Mumbai on the other hands is like the more refined, educated but younger brother who is jealous of all the attention Delhi gets. Then there is Benaras, and more recently Wasseypur showcasing the nitty and gritty of India sub-urbs. Pune and Chandigarh are famous for their ahhmmm sight-seeing advantages. But what of Bangalore?
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Idealist Vs Cynic: Does Sachin deserve the Bharat Ratna?

Cynic: So did you watch South Africa hand us our asses on a silver platter last week.

Idealist: We are a young team, cut them some slack.

C: I will cut them slack, when they start winning.

I: Rohit and Raina have the shot selection of a 4 year old. We lost there when we sent in our fab-4, so I don’t know why you are so annoyed at this.

C: Well that’s my default mood anyways. It’s been accentuated by the fact that we celebrate our cricketers more than they deserve.

I: Ok I don’t like where you are going with this.

C: Why are you another of those Sachin worshippers?

I: Is it because he is getting the Bharat Ratna and you are not?

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India Vs West Indies Tickets for Mumbai test match

So you are planning to watch Sachin in action for one last time? Well unless you live in Mumbai, or you got a friend there who lives there; you are fresh out of luck.

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The Idealist Vs The Cynic

Idealist and the cynic, are 2 friends, with completely different outlook on the world.They meet every now and then, at a cafe where I go to get my morning coffee.

They talk about what’s been going on in the world, and what they think about it, while I eavesdrop away. Lately they have been inviting me to their table, asking me to pass judgements. I told them I could do better, and ask the world to judge them. They grinned at me and went back to work.

The idealist tries to look at the world in black and white, allows for benefit of doubt, and tries to think why someone did what they did. He enjoys the morning newspaper, is polite but knows how to drive his point home.

The cynic, doesn’t believe what his eyes tell him, and he digs deeper into every statement. He would start pointing out your grammar mistakes, if he can’t convince you otherwise. He likes his coffee black, and his words strong.

If they are so different, why are these two friends? I don’t know. But then I don’t know why I love my brother so much (inspite of him being a total prick).

‘I’ and ‘C’ can be a little in your face sometimes. Read them with tongue in cheek, but do take them seriously, and sound off in the comments. I am sure they would appreciate that.

Episode 1: Startups, Entrepreneurs and the Average Man

The Idealist Vs. The Cynic: Startups, Entrepreneurs, and the Average Man

The Idealist: How was Diwali?

The Cynic: Like it always is. Full of smoke, explosions and waste.

I: You really miss out on the fun of life.

C: I had fun once, I hated it.How was yours?

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Every Batman Movie Ever Made

Now, everyone who is a regular reader at 1Hw, knows that we are big fans of the Dark Knight. For the newbies, check out this original take on the Batman mythos by team 1Hw.

Our fandom of the Caped Crusader established, we hate it when something like this happens:

Random guy/girl: “So what were you up to yesterday?”

Us: “Watched a batman movie.”

R.G.: “Cool, I am a big fan. Totally feel Heath Ledger is the best Joker ever.”

Us: “I don’t know man, Mark Hamill is awesome too.”

R.G.: “Who?”


But its not their fault. No one knows everything, no one can be expected to. So today we compile a list of every single movie (Live Action or Animated) which features ‘The Detective’. Its an exhaustive list, and in chronological order, along with a homegrown Bad-Ass ranking for each. We would have given you the download links too, but that’s you know illegal. Continue reading

The 5 rules of Blogging

Blogging has become a thing. Yup, anyone who is someone on the internet has/had a blog (or has one and doesn’t know about it). As is normal with any human activity that becomes fashionable, people make up un written rules about them (like they have about going on a date!), and then they make a blog post about it. People read it, agree with some, disagree with others, make up their own rules, and we end up with another set of rules and a new blog post. So after hours of researching into the “Google Abyss” (and spending too much time on this post), I realized that we at 1HundredWorks, have at some time or the other broken a lot of those rules. While documenting them all, would be like catching all the 3rd generation Pokemon. I decided to list down 5 of them, and bore you to death with how much of risk takers and pioneers we are at 1HundredWorks. Continue reading

Know the Indian Rupee: What is Inflation?

So India is in economic slowdown. The Indian rupee is in free-fall. Inflation is at an all time high. Recession is the word these days, and no one is happy about it. But what does all this mean, who made the dollar king, why is the rupee falling, and can we do something about it?

They say knowing the problem is half the problem solved. In this series, we try to solve half of that problem, by looking at it not as a economist, a politician, or a TV presenter (dropping heavy terms) but as a normal educated young man, who wants to know what is going wrong with the Indian rupee.

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7 things to know before you get a Tatttoo

Ok, so we are at the end of the Write Tribe festival of Words. Its been a roller coaster ride. What I thought would be a vacation week, had me blogging in the wee hours of the night, for 3 nights in a row. Tonight is no different, as I try to make the deadlines once again. Business as usual at 1HundredWorks.

So I met a fellow blogger Vaisakh (more on that later) today, and among many things we talked about; was getting a tattoo. I have 2 of them by the way, on my right arm, have had them for almost 5 years now. So obviously I talked from a position of experience (that and I am Mr. Know It All), and I realized that most people want to get a tattoo, and even with the recent rise in tattoo parlors, they remain skeptical. Hence today’s post.

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