Quick add Me..

Hey, we met on the last college fest, you looked like a cool dude, add me on FB would you? Yeah we work in the same office, and were in training together, add me to your circle. I am that girl you saw across the street, follow me on twitter. Share this 500 long blabbering about a boy in Africa, and he is gonna get a Mercedes. RT my tweet, and make the politicians quake in their feet. Like my photos, +1 my post, favorite my tweets. And why haven’t you shared my Instagram pic  of a burger in Sepia, don’t you love the mayo just flowing over the patty? Sounds familiar? I thought so.

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E is for Elephants

I:So its day 5 of the challenge, and the letter is E. I need to think of something.
Me: Dude if you think thinking of a topic starting with a letter was tough. Akhil started every sentence of his with the same letter in Don’t Die Driver. That’s hardcore man!!!
I: Yeah yeah Akhil is awesome, and cool and stuff. Lets get back to me.

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C is for Captcha

History is full of examples of traditions gone awry. Rules and guidelines that were to serve a purpose; but over the years have been perverted and have become social road-blocks. Rani Karnavati sent a rakhi to Humayun, so that he would be emotionally black-mailed into saving her city; today the next door girl ties rakhi on your wrist, so you don’t letch on her. People in Spain started speaking Spanish with a lisp to please their king; now they can’t speak any other way. Today we take a look at one such modern tradition that has become a monster unto itself. Continue reading