Sounds from a Broken Heart

Sounds from a Broken Heart

Let it burn; burn it to the ground,
Don’t cry a tear; don’t make a sound..
If there was one; she was it,
Pretty, kind, funny and full of wit..
Yet she is walking; she will go,
You won’t stop her; will you? I think no!
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W is for Waiting

We know, we can beat the world,
But we don’t want to run the race;
Just because we hate the pace.
There are too many roadblocks; too many holes,
For us to go for victory from pole to pole.
We say we want to play fair,
when there is nothing but cheats out there.
So we choose not to run, but to hide.
At least then we might survive.

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Of You And Me

You and me are worlds apart,
So different I don’t want to start.

But here we are you and me, on either side of a page,
I write you read, and life becomes a stage.

We make up stories we make up plays,
to smile and dream together we find new ways.

You the pretty princess, me the charming prince,
Other times, an angry kid, who I need to convince.

The stage is full of people, places and days,
All of these are between us, in their own selfish ways.

The story of you and me is still not done,
And when its all said and read, we would have won.

Behind all your walls, and over all my fears,
We will be together, you just wait my dear.