Every Batman Movie Ever Made

Now, everyone who is a regular reader at 1Hw, knows that we are big fans of the Dark Knight. For the newbies, check out this original take on the Batman mythos by team 1Hw.

Our fandom of the Caped Crusader established, we hate it when something like this happens:

Random guy/girl: “So what were you up to yesterday?”

Us: “Watched a batman movie.”

R.G.: “Cool, I am a big fan. Totally feel Heath Ledger is the best Joker ever.”

Us: “I don’t know man,┬áMark Hamill is awesome too.”

R.G.: “Who?”


But its not their fault. No one knows everything, no one can be expected to. So today we compile a list of every single movie (Live Action or Animated) which features ‘The Detective’. Its an exhaustive list, and in chronological order, along with a homegrown Bad-Ass ranking for each. We would have given you the download links too, but that’s you know illegal. Continue reading