The Final of 2007

Today when a cricket writer sits down to write about the World T20 final of 2007 today, it is difficult for him not to look at that victory as the start of a golden age of Indian cricket. It is difficult for him not to look at that match as a harbinger of all the victories that came after it. The no. 1 Test ranking, the ICC World Cup of 2011, and the Champions Trophy of 2013 and others that came after the match at the Wanderers.

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The Indian Cricket Domestic Circuit: Part 2

In our first look at the Indian Domestic Circuit, we took a look at India’s premier/first/oldest domestic tournament “The Ranji Trophy“. As we take our series forward we take a look at the other two domestic tournaments that are operated under First Class match rules: The Irani and The Duleep Trophy.

1st Class Cricket Tournament Strurture in India
The 3 First Class Trophy In India Right Now
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The Indian Cricket Domestic Circuit: Part 1

Today we start a series which will take a look at the Indian cricket’s domestic scene. Everyone and their grandmother know what the I.P.L. is. But contrary to what most people think (or would like to believe), it’s not India’s premier domestic tournament, nor is it the proving or breeding ground for India’s brightest talents. What is Ranji? Who is Deodar? Who plays in the Challenger’s trophy? The answer to all these and more, would be answered in this series. In its 1st edition, we discuss perhaps the most important domestic tournament of them all, a tournament, known as the Ranji Trophy.

Ranji Trophy


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