Diary of a Playboy :: Part 1

“But I Love Angela. Isn’t it enough?”, spat out Amar as he crossed his legs and sat up on his bed.

“No dude no. This is not how it works.”, Chris replied coolly, waving his fingers in a dismissive manners. “Your love comes later, once the girl has fallen in love with you.”

“And how am I going to do that, I even haven’t been able to talk to her, since she has arrived in the college.”, Amar sighed and rested on the wall against which his bed was propped. “At this rate, she would be with that freak Salman soon, you know I saw them sitting together at a table yesterday. I am sure they were holding hands below it.”, his shoulders dropped as he thought about the deflating image of Angela and Salman together.

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Of You And Me

You and me are worlds apart,
So different I don’t want to start.

But here we are you and me, on either side of a page,
I write you read, and life becomes a stage.

We make up stories we make up plays,
to smile and dream together we find new ways.

You the pretty princess, me the charming prince,
Other times, an angry kid, who I need to convince.

The stage is full of people, places and days,
All of these are between us, in their own selfish ways.

The story of you and me is still not done,
And when its all said and read, we would have won.

Behind all your walls, and over all my fears,
We will be together, you just wait my dear.

Moonlight, Raindrops and a Kiss

Chris let the cool wind blow through his hair. He stepped onto the roof of his hostel and let himself beĀ drenchedĀ in the moonlight. It was a full moon, but there were clouds around, it was gonna rain tonight. He was on phone with Selina. He had been courting her for a while now and she, ever so slowly was succumbing to his nascent boyish charm.

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