Diary of a Playboy :: Part 1

“But I Love Angela. Isn’t it enough?”, spat out Amar as he crossed his legs and sat up on his bed.

“No dude no. This is not how it works.”, Chris replied coolly, waving his fingers in a dismissive manners. “Your love comes later, once the girl has fallen in love with you.”

“And how am I going to do that, I even haven’t been able to talk to her, since she has arrived in the college.”, Amar sighed and rested on the wall against which his bed was propped. “At this rate, she would be with that freak Salman soon, you know I saw them sitting together at a table yesterday. I am sure they were holding hands below it.”, his shoulders dropped as he thought about the deflating image of Angela and Salman together.

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The Rail Trip chronicles

Chris let his hand limp from the berth, sighing softly “Kill me now”. Agasthya below him, murmured “I would, if I wasn’t bored to death myself”, swatting away the rhythmically swerving hand above him.

Asif, seated on the opposite birth to Agasthya opened a box from his backpack. and offered them savories, “Anyone…?”.

“For the nth time Asif, I am bored not hungry.”, grumped Agasthya even as Chris helped himself to a piece. Continue reading

The Batman- A New Origin

“Ok Rick, I am at the front gate. What’s your position?”

“We have visual, 5 men, 3 visibly armed. Team Beta is standby at the warehouse gate.”

“Ok, move in 3 minutes after my go. They will try to go back out the warehouse door, that’s when Beta team needs  to move in cut them off.”

“Be careful. God-Speed” Continue reading

Do we know you: Part 2 : The Mystery Doctor

Arshad, turned the long winding corner and brought his car onto the new Ring Road. At 3 in the night, it was as quiet as a national highway could be. There were trucks, and other heavy vehicles around, but almost no private vehicles. Another hour and he could be home, he thought. This had been a slow week, and he wished it to end that way.

Ever since he had started his night patrols as the mystery doctor, his rest times had decreased drastically, in-fact he had taken up some yoga postures that allowed him to compress hours of sleep into minutes, but yoga can only help you so much. With his workload increasing at the hospital, he had been working 30 hours shifts for almost 2 months now. He had thought about cancelling his patrols once or twice, but Arshad realized that he did this patrol more as a habit than a responsibility. That’s why this break was so anticipated. He had got a complete week off from the hospital, a reward for his un-interrupted service for the last 5 months. He was still going to carry out his normal patrol, but at least he could go home and sleep instead of getting ready for his morning shift. Continue reading

The Rain: Chapter 2: Cold

His footsteps on that watery road made a deafening sound to him, ever since that day, all sounds did. He walked slowly, letting himself drench in rain, thinking about how it had all gone wrong. There had to 5 successive operations to save Aarti. 2 of them had been administered rather effectively. They had also however, left him with just about par. The next 3 were highly expensive, and also had to be executed at short spaces, leaving him no time at all to earn any more. Continue reading

The Rain: Chapter 1: Tragedy

It seemed as if the rain would never stop, as if crying for Vijay. He had told himself, this was the only way almost a thousand times, but those feelings of self doubt were still there. As he sat in his car looking through its windshield at ‘Jagdish Manor’. “Had it really come to this?”, he thought. If there was just some more time, he would have found a way. It didn’t matter now, there was not time to sit and think anymore. He rubbed his hands, took a deep breath, and prayed for Aarti. He clenched and relaxed his grip a few times, before running them over the old hand gun that lay on the seat next to him. The steel was cold, just like he had to be.

As the rain drops first touched his face, and made him feel alive; his mind raced back to the time when it all started. He was seated in a leather chair, tapping on the mahogany desk, listening to a flute in his humble but impressive office. The track had just ended when the phone rang, he picked it up. He expected the call to be from his dealers, only it wasn’t. It was from the hospital, his sister Aarti had been in an accident. It was serious, he was needed urgently, and he had ran.  Continue reading